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A Dream Jumper 

picWhat could be more fun than pretending to be a on a secret mission in a foreign country? Intrigue, sabotage, secrecy, and espionage all wrapped up into one playful adventure in someone’s backyard!

If you are planning a birthday party, fundraiser, or corporate activity, why not consider renting a inflatable that will deliver hours and hours of fun for all of the kids at your event? It’s a portable adventure just waiting to happen. A Dream Jumper of Las Vegas carries lots of different inflatable designs, and our jumps are among our most popular styles.

Decorated to create a true-to-life appearance that stimulates every child’s imagination, jumpers are colorful and impressive in design. They provide a safe environment for children to enjoy healthy, aerobic activity. You’ll discover a variety of themes, colors, shapes, and sizes, giving you lots of options for your selection.

Our jumps have 360-degree mesh windows, allowing parents to monitor the action going on inside of the house. The clear view that the windows provide is especially appreciated by parents of young children. The windows are positioned to allow a good crosscurrent of air, keeping the inside of the jump as comfortable as possible.


What Makes Our Las Vegas Jumpers Your Best Choice?

Our inflatables are crafted with the finest materials to provide superior construction that lasts through multiple uses. Each of our jumpers are cleaned prior to delivery, ensuring that the children at your event have a freshly scrubbed inflatable to run around in at your event. Our Las Vegas jumpers are durable and crafted from fire-resistant vinyl, keeping children safe from harm.

The artwork of each jumper is incredible! The colors and designs are so realistic that the youngest members of your gathering will actually be able to imagine that they are on a wild adventure.

The interior of each of our inflatable jumpers provides a safe, danger-free area for jumping. Our traditional styles feature the standard, square design with turrets. Deluxe models offer a combination of features, including inflatable-slide exits and pop-up obstacles.

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