Privacy Policy

A Dream Jumper Privacy Policy

A Dream Jumper is committed to keeping our customers’ personal information safe and secure. Toward that end, we have created the following guidelines for our privacy policy.


Collection of Your Personal Data During Your Online Visit

Our collection of personal data is limited to information that is provided directly by the customer’s online usage of our website. This practice allows us to deliver an enhanced experience while browsing our pages without placing the customer’s personal information under scrutiny. One example of online data collection involves the use of tracking cookies to assist us in preserving information regarding items that have been added to the customer’s shopping cart.


Collection of Your Personal Data at Our Business Location

The information that we collect at our physical place of business is limited to details that are needed to complete the service that you request. Typically, we collect names, addresses, and phone numbers. Your information remains confidential at all times, and it is only used for the following purposes:

.   To complete your order

.   To send out notices on sales, new items for rental, and similar types of information

.   To provide our customers with quality service, such as responding to queries


Personal Information Sharing Policy

Any personal data that we collect from our customers is strictly for use in providing quality service. We do not share this information with any entity outside of our company.


Collection of Non-Personal Data During Your Online Visit

Although non-personal information is only collected in minor detail, it does occur. For example, our company might gather information that can be useful in providing our online shoppers with a better user experience. This data might include time spent on the website, number of pages visited, time of day, and operating system.


Security Measures for the Protection of Your Information

All financial information is encrypted through the use of specialized software at all times in order to protect our customers. Data that is stored offline remains encrypted.


A Dream Jumper of Las Vegas reserves the right to change our policies regarding privacy at any time. Please contact us with any concerns that you might have.

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