Q: Does the listed price include setup and delivery of the inflatables?

A: As long as you are within our regular delivery area, all prices include drop-off, setup, and


Q: What forms of payment can I use?

A: A Dream Jumper only accepts credit card or cash payment.

Q: Do I need to make a deposit or can I pay it all at one time?

A: We do require a small deposit, which should be made by credit card.

Q: Are you going to charge me if the jump or slide gets torn or damaged?

A: If the damage is the result of normal wear, then no, we are not going to charge you. However,

if we determine that vandalism or neglectful use of the equipment led to the damage, then you

will be responsible to pay for the damages.

Q: Do you deliver outside of Las Vegas?

A: Yes, we can accommodate delivery outside of the Las Vegas area, provided that you are

willing to cover the travel fee that we add to recoup the additional time and cost of travel.

Q: Is your setup/take-down time included in rental time allotment?

A: Your rental allotment is separate from the time it takes to set up and break down the


Q: How early will you set up the equipment?

A: Our rental drop offs are scheduled in advance. Typically, we arrive approximately one to

three hours before your scheduled time. However, circumstances might arise that require us to

complete drop-off as early as four hours prior to your scheduled time.

Q: Do I need to keep the jump/slide plugged in the entire time that it is at my place?

A: Of course! Your inflatable needs to have air pumped into it continuously, so the blower must

remain plugged in.

Q: Will you deliver to a public area such as a park, and can you provide electricity for the jumps/

slides at a park?

A: Yes, we deliver to parks, but you will need to rent a suitable generator to provide power.

Q: Do you have different sizes in slides and jumps?

A: Please review our individual equipment pages for slides, jumpers, and combination inflatables

to review the sizes and styles that we offer.

Q: Are there any special requirements?

A: Each inflatable comes with spacing requirements as well as weight restrictions and limitations

for the number of children on an inflatable at any given time.

Q: Do I need to prepare a surface for the jump or slide to go onto?

A: Soft, level surfaces are best.

Q: Do you clean the jumps and slides before delivery?

A: All of our jumps are cleaned and disinfected after each usage, so they should arrive to your

location in excellent condition.

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